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Floriculture: year round colourful summer flowers

For many years, Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan has been a reliable supplier of a wide variety of seasonal summer flowers and pot plants. We sell part of these floriculture products under Season’s Best Colours. We set ourselves apart from other nurseries by providing a consistently high quality in terms of product and service and by innovating in the field of summer flowers. This is expressed in a persistently innovative product range and by responding to and initiating trends.

Season’s Best Colours and various other summer flowers

Partly due to the violets and annual summer flowers grown at Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan, each season many gardens, patios and balconies are transformed into a beautiful sea of flowers. We are delighted that we can be part of such an extravaganza of colour and cheerfulness through our high-quality floriculture products and high-profile ideas, such as our Season’s Best Colours line.

Floriculture products throughout the year:

Early spring
Early in spring we focus mainly on F1 violets and Cornuta violets. This includes floriculture products in existing pot sizes, such as: 4×6 tray (Season’s Best Colours ), pot size 9 cm or in a wall hanger (Season’s Best Colours). Or new pot sizes such as Pak&Plant.

Early spring
In spring we supply various summer flowers, such as:
– 4×6 tray, these products fall under our ‘Season’s Best Colours’ line
– Various bedding plant seedlings, such as tagetes, begonia, petunia, lobelia and impatiens in various pot sizes
– Various bedding plant cuttings, such as petunia, dahlia, fuchsia, bacopa, lobelia in Season’s Best Colours
– Season’s Best Colours bedding plant seedlings and cuttings in 17cm pots, also available in a mixture
– Herbs and vegetable plants, these products fall under our ‘Season’s Best Taste’ line

– The summer flowers consist of a wide variety of flowering house plants.
– We supply the floriculture product range under our ‘Season’s Best Colours’ line

– In autumn we supply the following floriculture products: Brassica P9 & P12/Cineraria P9 & P12/Violets in a wall hanger. Everything is supplied under the Season’s Best Colours line.

The floriculture products in this period are poinsettias in various pot sizes. In addition to the well-known red poinsettia, we also have white, pink and numerous other colours in this range.

Other options can also be discussed, of course.

Season’s Best Colours: complete range of summer flowers

‘Season’s Best Colours’ is the label under which Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan introduces flowering plants to the market. Our edible plants fall under ‘Season’s Best Taste’.

We supply these floriculture products to exporters and large retail chains. Do you have any special packaging, product assortment, colour combinations, labelling or mixture requirements? We are happy to discuss product and concept innovation with our customers with the aim to become better and stronger together.