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Cultivation of orchids, roses, floriculture and vegetable plants

Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan is an international company. We are specialists in the cultivation of vegetables for professional vegetable growers. We also cultivate orchids, roses and we root cuttings for trading companies and professional floriculturists. We also have a year-round flowering floriculture range.

Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan as floriculture and vegetable cultivation company.

In the cultivation of young plant material lies the basis for the success or failure of a crop. During the cultivation period, the foundation is laid for the growing process. All our employees (from cultivation specialist to production assistant) are fully aware of this and act accordingly, which places Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan as a cultivation specialist among the top-ranked players.

Cultivation of orchids, roses and floriculture

In addition to being a vegetable grower, Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan has for many years been a reliable supplier of a wide variety of floriculture products for many customers. Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan provides a wide range of seasonal floriculture products, such as bedding plant seedlings and cuttings, and pot plants. We set ourselves apart from other nurseries by providing a consistently high quality in terms of product and service, and through innovation. This is expressed in a persistently innovative product range and by responding to and initiating trends. We supply these floriculture products to exporters and large retail chains. They sell floriculture products under their own label or under ours: Season’s Best Colours or Pak&Plant.