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Cultivation of tomato plants

The cultivation of tomato plants is one of our key strengths at Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan. Through our knowledge of and experience in the cultivation of tomato plants, we belong in this specific field among the world’s top-ranked players in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

Progressive partner in the greenhouse horticulture sector

As a progressive partner for growers and cultivators within the greenhouse horticulture sector, we do everything we can to remain among these top players. We ensure that all your requirements are discussed and established with the cultivation specialist prior to the start of the cultivation of your tomato plants. The following areas are dealt with in accordance with an established protocol:

  • Grafting
  • Variety choice
  • Pot size and type
  • Age of plant and distance
  • Cultivation strategy
  • Rootstock size
  • Securing with elastic bands once or twice
  • Delivery method
  • Tasting
  • Application of organic plant strengtheners

In the cultivation of tomato plants lies the basis for the success or failure of a crop. Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan belongs among the world’s top players in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

During the cultivation period, the foundation is laid for the growing process. All our employees (from cultivation specialist to production assistant) are fully aware of this and act accordingly.

Plant characteristics such as uniform, healthy and strong are paramount to ensuring good and rapid initial growth under low light conditions. Our cultivation and work processes are based on this. Thanks to short communication lines within our organisation, we can respond quickly to specific customer requirements and you can contact our cultivation specialist directly to follow the process closely. This is unique within the greenhouse horticulture sector.

You are welcome to visit us

During the cultivation period you are welcome to visit us and closely follow the development and growing process of your tomato plants. You can contact our cultivation specialist directly to make an appointment and to discuss the cultivation process. That’s the way we work at Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan.