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Rooting cuttings at our plant nursery in Bleiswijk: unburdening customers

Our plant nursery in Bleiswijk is a modern cultivation company. We take care of the cultivation of ornamental plants from seed and cuttings. A healthy and reliable basis for the new crops of our customers!

Cultivation of ornamental plants: roses

Our plant nursery in Bleiswijk specialises in rootstock material for the cultivation of roses. We grow rose plants on behalf of various growers and breeders. We root cuttings and stent roses in specially designed, modern cutting rooms. Our cultivation of ornamental plants forms the basis for a healthy and reliable plant.

Our plant nursery in Bleiswijk provides optimum quality

In the cultivation of ornamental plants, our plant nursery in Bleiswijk uses organic pesticides. We work according to a sophisticated hygiene protocol in which all steps are laid down – from the selection of the wood to the cutting of the wood and taking cuttings, treating, planting the cuttings and delivering. In the cultivation of ornamental plants, we guarantee a reliable product and optimal quality.

Cultivation of ornamental plants: orchids

Since 2000, we provide the cultivation of orchids.

We provide the following options:

  • Cultivation from the laboratory to a plant in a cultivation tray ready to pot
  • Cultivation from the laboratory to a plant in a plug ready to pot
  • Cultivation from a cultivation tray or plug to chillable plant
  • From cultivation to deliverable plant

Your requirements are discussed with the salesperson and cultivation specialist in advance and can include matters such as:

  • Type of pot
  • Plant type
  • Type of substrate
  • Cultivation strategy
  • Delivery method
  • Application of organic pesticides

Thanks to short communication lines within our organisation, we can respond quickly to specific customer requirements.

During the cultivation of ornamental plants, a visit to our facilities is always possible to closely follow the cultivation of your plants.
You can make an appointment directly with the cultivation specialist to discuss the progress of your plants.

Rooting cuttings from cutting or seed

Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan provides root cutting for various plants such as: Pelargonium, Poinsettia, Campanula, Hebe, various perennials and various annual summer flowers, from seed and cutting.