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Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan: a strong cultivation company.

At Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan everything centres around quality, punctuality, reliability and service. Our experienced team maintains sustainable relationships with our customers. With every step we take the customer comes first. Intensive customer contact is therefore an important principle at our cultivation company.

Plantenkwekerij Leo Ammerlaan is an international cultivation company specialised in:

  • The cultivation of vegetable plants: tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and courgettes (grafted or non-grafted) – in various substrates: rock wool, coconut fibre (coir) or perlite
  • The cultivation of ornamental plants: orchids, roses and rooting cuttings and cultivation in seed trays
  • Floriculture: various products, including summer flowers for transforming your garden into a sea of flowers

Innovative plant nursery

Spread out over two locations, Leo Ammerlaan has a modern production area in greenhouse facilities covering more than 27 hectares. Highly innovative in the cultivation of vegetable plants and summer flowers. Our cultivation company is always seeking further innovation opportunities.

The plant nursery is currently assisted by:

  • Insect screens throughout the facility
  • A special department for grafting cultivated vegetable and rose plants
  • Organic vegetable plant cultivation under SKAL certification
  • Optimal working conditions through sophisticated automation and mechanisation
  • Closed cultivation system with total disinfection
  • Assimilation lighting up to 8,000 lux
  • Camera sorting of seedlings
  • Use of misting technology for orchid cultivation
  • Covered loading docks for prompt delivery
  • Outside area for perennial summer flowers and Brassicas
  • Reuse of water of Overbuurtse Polder through AquaReUse